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group breathwork session inside stone structures with an outdoor chimney in a snowy field with a cloudy sky



I went into this assuming it was a regular meditation session. Brandon instructed me from the very beginning that it would require effort and a little getting used to and instructed me on the proper technique. Initially I felt so consciously focused on the correct way to breathe. After about 10 minutes I found my rhythm and had an incredible 40 minute experience. I had zero thoughts of worry while my body was experiencing something it had never been through before. I can remember just smiling occasionally through the practice, surprised at what I was experiencing. I can also remember Brandon specifically encouraging me periodically to continue to work and breathe. The music selection helped transition from work and de-escalate toward the end. After coming back, I felt relaxed and calm and all the bullshit I was stressing about was gone! 

Andrew Miller - RN

Brandon has such a deeply warm and loving spirit.  He is just the kind of person you want to take a breathwork journey with. He explains how the process works, makes you feel comfortable, and holds such open and warm space to deep dive. He encourages you and assists when need be, but also allows you to really push and do the work to release or uncover what needs to be. I highly encourage anyone to do a breathwork session with Brandon. You will be thankful you did!


- Lindsey 

I have not experienced anything like this in my entire life. It was magical, mystical, and expansive. At first, I was a bit nervous but Brandon provided a detailed email prior to our session that helped me understand what to expect. During our session, he was warm, comforting, and encouraging!! I felt deeply held and cared for. I was extremely impressed with his ability to hold space even while things got intense. He picked the perfect songs to match what it was I needed to work through and they played an integral part in helping me to free-up the stagnant energy in my system. As I worked through the blocks in my own mind/body (such as limiting beliefs and unhelpful stories about my potential) I could feel Brandon's comforting presence (even though it was all virtual). This man is on this earth to help the world heal and he is an incredible facilitator, light worker, and space holder. I left this experience feeling so much power, enthusiasm, and confidence in my work and life. I can't say enough good things about this experience. I'll definitely be doing breathwork with Brandon in the future and recommending him to my friends, clients, neighbors, family, and co-workers!! Everyone needs to do breathwork with Brandon Groux!


Katie  - Spiritual Life Coach 

I want to thank you again for the amazing experience! There's still no words to describe how amazing the experience was for me. I have noticed many POSITIVE changes in the way I see myself and the outside world. I feel more open and I see things flowing freely (no resistance). If I can sum up MY experience in one word, I'd say: REBORN.  Thank you, thank you, thank you! 

- Neomi

Breath work with Brandon was a mental and physical experience like I’ve never experienced before, it was truly amazing.  My girlfriend and I were fortunate enough to get connected with Brandon through a friend who suggested his work to us.  Having dealt with pretty serious anxiety from a young age, always had me questioning why I feel the way I feel and chasing my mind in circles on a daily basis.  In the past few years I have really been looking for all natural ways to be in control of and improve my mental health.  From the first time I ever met Brandon I just felt as though I really trusted him which made me much more comfortable during my first session with him.  Rather than put into words what I felt physically and emotionally during my breath work session with Brandon I will just say that it is something that needs to be experienced in person because everyone is different and will have different emotions and sensations during their session.  I have loved learning about the power of the breath and I am so excited to keep working with Brandon in the future and keep pursuing my mental health journey.  I think it is rare to come across someone who has true passion for helping others like Brandon and he has a gift that I hope he can share with as many people as possible.  Being an athlete and Olympic hopeful means my mind needs to be as strong as my body, the power of the mind is everything.  I am very lucky to have been introduced to Brandon and I would suggest him and his work to anyone looking for help with their mental health or just looking to slow down and take some time with their inner self.


Gage - USA Boblsed Team 

I cannot say enough amazing things about my breathwork session with Brandon. He creates a healing environment that feels comfortable and safe. I have never experienced anything of its kind in my life and my first session left me craving more. You feel the healing and power instantly!

Maggie -  2x olympian skier 

My wife and I recently tried breathwork for the first time with Brandon. What a surprising experience! I have experimented with many meditative and physical practices over the years with varying results, and this is my new favorite. Brandon seamlessly weaves a musical journey together with hypnotic patterns of prose, guiding you through the depths of your own consciousness. He felt, instinctively, when each of us needed support and when to let us flow. I was truly floored by the experience and can’t recommend this enough to anyone who is open to self exploration. 


- Cris 


In this 8 week journey I have learned more about myself than ever. 31 years I have been running from myself and Brandon helped me gain confidence back in myself and in relationships. When we had our first call, I was in a pretty bad place. I had no self worth, couldn't get over my ex, and was running from myself. I just was a broken down man. The life wheel I filled out for the first time was pretty sad to see. It gave me the confidence I needed to grow as a man and get out of my old bad habits. Brandon helped me in so many ways, gave me so many tools to throw in my back pocket to stay productive, feel my emotions and deal with them in a healthy way, and gain my self confidence back. 

I can't even explain how much these 8 weeks have changed my day to day life for the better. I am now living out the life I always wanted. Brandon helped me put check points in my day to keep me aligned, and it helps out so much. I am so grateful for the relationship he and I have gained out of this. I can't thank him enough. I am blown away by how lost I was when we first talked and how solid my foundation is now. I didn't have a light within me. It was out and lots of people around me noticed.  I just felt like “this is just life” and now hearing people say “man your smile is bigger than it has ever been” or “dang i haven't heard Dyllan laugh like that in years“ truly confirms the progress we have made and I have Brandon to thank for that!!   Brandon, you are an awesome man and can't wait to keep growing our relationship.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you have helped me with, you are a blessing!! 


- Dyllan 

Coming out of a divorce I felt defeated. No matter the reason it ended, I felt I had failed myself, my family, my marriage. Day 1 when working with Brandon, he set the tone that no matter how I felt, I wasn’t going to let that stop me from being the BEST partner and husband I could be for the next person. My self awareness and worth grew each week as we dug in my inner child and the trauma that made me feel the way I did. Each call opened my eyes to see triggers that caused me to spiral that would have led me to go into depression and fall into that same old mindset of “why me”… Now, my WHY ME is because I was chosen for this path. I’m right where I need to be. I highly suggest you let Brandon show you the way to your perfect place of right where you need to be also. Your future spouse will thank you for it!


The first time I met Brandon was through one of his incredible breath-work sessions. That one hour session had been the best hour of my week as I had recently gone through an expired relationship. Although, I was on the mend I still felt the need to dig deep and be someone who had the tools to handle anxiety & stress over the future and challenging emotions/situations. Brandon helped me to develop these tools through our 1:1 and breath-work sessions. From his guidance I was able to build better habits to address my daily fears-both small and big, build self-awareness, better handle tough emotions & feelings, really dig deep to understand why I am the person I am today to understand and be the person I wanted to be in the present/future and more. By far the most important thing I learned during these months is to stand up for my truth no matter what, however uncomfortable that may be. I am incredibly grateful to have gone through this journey with Brandon and thankful that I met Brandon when I did in my life.

- Sneha 

Coaching sessions with Brandon have been a deeply healing and transformative experience. I was more than impressed with his ability to tune into my emotional states that left me feeling deeply understood and inspired than most therapy sessions of my past. More importantly, his breath work sessions have been phenomenal! His vast knowledge of the physiological and psychological effects of the breath, combined with his natural aura of strength and compassion, offers a space that is conducive to transforming deep rooted trauma into something that is truly life enhancing! I cannot recommend Brandon enough especially for those who desire real change and are willing to put in the hard work! 

- Rincy 

Before I embarked on my self-exploration journey with Brandon, I had been “doing the work”, getting curious and rediscovering myself that gotten lost. I was learning about myself in terms of my codependent tendencies, my lack of boundaries, inner child wounds as well as continuing healing from a recent expired relationship. I was feeling high levels of unhealthy anxiety and stress. I was constantly in my head, and I knew I needed to start shifting the focus to making a connection with self and body; understanding what my body feels and what it is telling me. Looking to try new things and add more “tools” to my “toolbox”, I attended one of Brandon’s breathwork sessions through the TAT lab. I did not know what to expect and went in without any expectations. That session was life changing. Not only was the experience a rollercoaster of emotions, but I also tapped into a part of myself that was full of hurt, fear, anger, and at the same time, I felt the love I had for self. I wanted to learn more. I reached out to Brandon, and immediately, I felt a connection that the universe was offering something, and I trusted the process. Brandon talked about his coaching program, and I signed on not looking back. I was ready! I wanted to add more “tools”, learn about breathwork and how to use it to tap into self. I wanted to continue healing past wounds as well as to learn what else might be deep within that I have not even acknowledged yet. I wanted a better relationship with self and start treating myself with respect. I realized the inner dialogue/narratives I was telling myself were terrible. I did not realize I could hurt my own feelings. I laughed about it, but it was not funny, it was truly sad. 


Brandon manifests this energy that is contagious! He has such a warm, comforting, and personable vibe. The connection felt like talking to an old friend (maybe we were friends in a past life). Brandon created a safe space to share and let go of anything that was going on in my life. We even had some laughs along the way! I always felt connected and uplifted after our sessions. Working with Brandon not only offered a mechanism for accountability, but a person to constructively process with. There is no magic solution. We have the answers deep within ourselves, and Brandon is the guide to uncover our truths to become our authentic selves. I learned about setting healthy boundaries and what healthy boundaries looked like AND it is not selfish! I learned I was self-abandoning on a daily basis. It is no wonder my anxiety levels were through the roof! I was not listening to the alarm system, AKA myself. Through daily habits and practices, I could sense shifts throughout my journey. I was tuning into my body and feeling what was right for me. I had days that I would wake up feeling a lack of motivation and knew the cold shower practice was the key to snapping out of it. Oh yes, my friends and trust me, I was apprehensive because I do not like the cold. I was realizing the things that I NEEDED. I was starting to become more self-aware, slowing down, and becoming more mindful. Less judgment and more observing. I did have periods of overanalyzing and yes, I am still working on it. This is a journey and not a destination. The important thing is to be aware, and you are in control of that. The work with Brandon helps you see that. 


I cannot express how truly grateful and appreciative I am for Brandon and the support I received. Results will look different for everyone, but I have learned how to respond in situations instead of reacting. Now I see others, and think “wow, that used to be me”. I am proud of how much I have grown in a short time. I learned how to get myself back to baseline if I am starting to feel activated. I have learned what tools work for what situations and sometimes, I need to sit with the pain, anger, fear, etc. It is not that the tools do not work or that I am doing something wrong, but these feelings mean you are alive. Sometimes we need to sit with the feelings before the tools may be appropriate and vice versa; we may need our tools to help process and feel the emotions. I find it amazing how each breathwork session is a different journey. My final breathwork session of the program, I felt empowered, a sense of peace, and happy.


The biggest takeaway from working with Brandon is I trust myself. I am in control. I create my own inner peace. I always come back to the question, is this aligned with myself? My truth? Am I going to self-abandon if I do this? I will not consciously self-abandon anymore because I know the detrimental effects. It dimmed my inner flame for years. It brought tears to my eyes hearing from my sister that I used to have this fire and it was dimmed. We all have bright lights to shine, and we must keep shining bright not only for ourselves but for others. I am happy to say my anxiety levels have decreased dramatically and I remember thinking, “Oh my goodness, this is what it feels like to be me again!” I was in hiding for a while, but here I am world! There are no good or bad days, only experiences. Now I have the capacity to take on anything that comes my way. It will not be easy, and I will feel fear, anger, etc. I will still get flooded and overwhelmed, but I am able to bounce back, process, and respond quicker. It is life changing. I have rebuilt the connection to self, others, and know I will move forward into my next relationship being treated the way I deserve, and the way I want to be treated. I am proud of myself that I honor my needs. I remind myself I am enough, and I am exactly where I am supposed to be.  It is up to YOU! I cannot say enough good things about Brandon. Working with him greatly shaped my path forward to a healthier, confident, empowered me! I leveled up in all aspects my life. It is such a beautiful feeling that I wish all to experience. If you are looking to start breaking old patterns, create expansion in areas of your life, and jumpstart into pulling from light instead of dark to align with your truths, I recommend working with Brandon. It may not always be laughs and a good time, but if you are committed you will see results. The choice is yours!


- Kayleigh

I started working with Brandon shortly after getting through an expired, toxic relationship. While mostly over the break-up, I was still feeling depressed, stuck in a rut and just not like myself. Brandon helped me process through the relationship, realize all the reasons it was wrong for me and discover my own values not only for future relationships, but also for everyday life. The breathwork lessons and sessions have been a crucial part of getting my mind to slow down and help reduce anxiety naturally. They have even led me to recognize and address other outside thoughts and feelings that have been pushed down or buried. Brandon is a great listener, asks hard questions, guides with compassion and without judgment. It's truly like working with a friend who has an inside knowledge of how to make yourself feel and be the best human you possibly can.

- Jason 

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