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  • Struggling with not feeling enough after a break up

  • Feeling unworthy of giving or receiving love

  • Having anxiety around feeling like you will never find “the one”

  • Looking at your ex’s social media repeatedly

  • Feeling unsure of how to move on 

  • Repeating the same patterns of going back to toxic exes

  • Holding onto grief, anger, resentment, or regret 

  • Lacking confidence and self worth 


How would it feel to be in the same position 3 months, 6 months, or even a year from now?

My program taps into the root of each issue and how to heal them from within. We work through childhood wounding to begin the healing process and gain clarity on why you are attracting OR attracted to the type of person that has been toxic in the past. 

Together we will co-create a safe and brave space for you to show up authentically in your healing journey to let go of your expired relationship while rediscovering yourself, your passions, and purpose. 

I want you to feel safe to open up about what you are struggling with - your pains, your fears, your desires, your kinks, and your passions

I want you to feel confident in who you are and what you offer to the world. To feel connected to yourself - your passions, your purpose, your why. 
  • We’ll start a full 75 minute Neurosomatic breathwork journey which is an opportunity to heal, let go of old stories/false beliefs/any old narratives that are no longer aligned with who you are and where you want to be and dive deep into what needs to be worked through. 

  • We’ll dive deep into the story of past relationships and find the empowering meaning behind what those partners were here to teach you and to learn from to create growth from those experiences rather than regret or resentment. 

  • We’ll create a new winning morning routine to help get your day started in a productive way by slowing down and adding in new mindfulness exercises and practices to reduce stress and anxiety and begin to live in a response driven state rather than reactive. 

  • We’ll tap back into your highest self. With what fills your cup and brings joy into your life by exploring and creating new experiences.

  • We'll comb through yourself and a potential partner, what you’re looking for in a partner, your values, needs and non-negotiables for a future partnership and together examine your last relationship so we can prevent the same patterns from occurring in the future. 

  • Want to remain single and work on yourself? Great! Ready to step back into the dating world!? Awesome. We’ll figure out a strategy to get you back out into the dating world whether it’s online, in person, or both so you can get out there and start meeting people that you are genuinely attracted to to find and keep healthy love!

  • To finally free yourself from your last relationship 

  • To be resoundingly secure in who you are and what you offer to a deserving partner

  • To have the tools and confidence necessary to courageously step back into the dating world to find and keep healthy love 

  • Learn how to slow down and connect deeper with self 

  • Build self awareness

  • Learn to communicate your needs 

  • How to recognize red flags early on in a new relationship 

  • How to set boundaries moving forward

  • To never again settle for less than you deserve 

  • Learn how to process emotions in a constructive way 

  • How to drop out of their spiraling headspace and into the heartspace 

  • 8 weeks total

  • 1 - 75 Neurosomatic Breathwork journey designed to tap into areas of the body that store suppressed trauma, fears, doubts, limiting beliefs and anxieties. This journey is an opportunity to ignite the healing process by letting go of anything that is no longer aligned with who you are and where you want to be. 

  • 7 - 50 minute coaching call  - mix/option of zoom and phone


Growth occurs from a place of discomfort but most times things are uncomfortable because we're just not used to them. It’s time to break the old patterns, get a little uncomfortable, and see your potential for true growth take off. 

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