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Brandon Groux sits at the base of a tree smiling surrounded by a snowy field and trees


I am originally from Newark, DE - home of the University of Delaware fightin’ Blue Hens. After graduating from U of D with a bachelor in science in Hospitality Management I moved to Boulder, CO to follow my love and passion for the outdoors. After a short time in Boulder, I moved to Vail where I lived for 5 magical years snowboarding in the winters and mountain biking, hiking and camping all summer long. While in Colorado I worked in the hospitality industry and had a great passion for it, but never felt like I had found my purpose. Looking back, how could I have ever felt connected to a purpose when I was completely disconnected from myself. I was numbing my emotions, self sabotaging relationships, and partying my ass off almost every night of the week. On the surface it looked like I was living my dream life, but underneath it all I was lost. 

Fortunately one of my best friends nudged me into men’s work. At the time I didn’t even know what the f*ck mens work was or that it even existed -- a group of guys on zoom talking about their emotions, yea I think i’ll pass.  Little did I know, it was exactly what I needed and had been craving. It was a 12 week men's emotional awareness program that combined breathwork, something I was already passionate about, and the tools and knowledge I was looking for.  It was a space that I could be seen for who I was and share what I was struggling with in full vulnerability and transparency. A brave space to show up authentically and be held, supported and then experience the power of holding that space for another man. After just a few short weeks I started to notice a shift. Learning to slow down, connect with my breath and my emotions. I was starting to feel more in alignment with myself and my purpose and I wanted more. I decided to hire a men’s coach for myself to work with 1:1 for 6 months to deepen that connection with my purpose and along the way I discovered that I could be a coach and hold that space for others. 


While going through my life coaching and Revelation breathwork certifications I was also moving through a breakup, and this one was different. My past was littered with sabotaging healthy relationships and pushing partners away, or pulling them back in to fill some void. I didn't know how to be alone. So when my partner became avoidant and pushed me away, I had no idea how to respond. I grasped. Became anxious. Chased rather than attracted. Trying to please at all costs. I lost myself, and her. After the breakup I was a mess. Feeling more and more lost each day. I felt like I wasn’t enough. Like I was unworthy of giving and receiving love. This was the story I told myself, day in and day out. Constantly thinking of the,  I “should have done’s” or the “what if’s” - they went on and on. I could have been stuck in this story for much longer, but I shifted my mindset. I created an empowering meaning behind my heartbreak. Each time that I began to spiral, I asked “what is this here to teach me” and the anxieties began to soften.I started to become secure in who I was and what I offer to a future partner. 


My heartbreak was the catalyst for my deepest growth and next chapter. I’m grateful for having gone through it. I’m grateful for her. For how I’ve grown. For having the ability to sit with the emotions. Feel them. Process them. And learn from them. I am grateful for the opportunity of stepping into my purpose as a life coach and helping others get back on their feet after a break up through the power of breathwork and coaching. 

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